Faentia Consulting and Multimedia Technical Communication in Industry 4.0

S.Man® - Digital Service Manual by Faentia Digital

Something is brewing up, as they say. These days, air is crisp behind our office's walls. Briefings, consultancies, meetings with Clients, Project Analysis and involvement in international Conferences fill up our weeks. However, Multimedia Technical Communication (Tech-Docs)  is both the most silent and the most operational Business Unit.

Formerly known as Technical Documentation, this discipline has undergone a remarkable change since the 1980s and it has had to look out onto the digital world in order to meet new and more specific market requirements. Instructions for Use, assembly istructions, maintenance manuals, Service Manuals for Care Services and Customer Support are only some of the documents required to Technical Communication, which Faentia Consulting compiles and handles. Nevertheless, the project, which saw us looking for an alternative to the classical paper format for the first time, dates back to the years of the crisis. To that first adventure -  successfully overcome – an interesting study followed (available at this link): it was about the degree of development of Information Technology (IT) within Firms. This study also allowed us to identify real needs towards the development of more user-friendly digital Spare Parts Catalogues, multimedia Instructions for Use and Manuals. Our traditional Technical Documentation was rapidly developing, as much as to change its name into Multimedia Technical Communication: a much more adequate name for this innovative evolution.

Hereafter, in 2013, a partnership began with Joon Ltd., a digital firm based in London: this allowed us to make solid, fast and reliable digital products for our Clients – thus broadening our know-how, our knowledge in UI and UX field and embracing the Open Source world via Drupal. 
Meanwhile, our Tech Docs was fearlessly embracing key concepts such as digitization and responsiveness: our products provided the great advantage of being real-time usable, searchable and updatable, both online and offline on removable supports, everywhere, anytime. 
Either traditional or digital, Technical Communication is still a great company value which we have been taking a close care of for a long time; it still has a leading role and it sees its  implementing opportunities broadening; products' Instructions for Use are embedded in products and machineries themselves; pieces of information have to be easily available, search engine optimized and, of course, responsive... and yet there are still plenty of possibilities. 
Nowadays, the target market (B2B) is constantly increasing and it requires more and more efficient, high-value products in terms of content and information. For this reason, Faentia Consulting is about to reveal its new operative branch's identity, called Faentia Digital. Here it is what's brewing up

What is Faentia Digital, what does it deal with and to whom is it addressed? 
We are looking forward to telling you, so keep following us and you will get all the answers!


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