Content of the official partnership Joon Ltd and Faentia Consulting Srl 2015

Content of the official partnership Joon Ltd and Faentia Consulting Srl 2015

This step marks the union of intents in the development and growth of business.
Below you can read a brief description of what this partnership means for Joon Ltd and Faentia Consulting Srl.


What is Faentia’s history? Since January 2000 Faentia Consulting has been offering services on Product Safety and Ergonomics, high-quality technical-economical solutions on the conformity of Machinery, Plants and Fixtures in the Automotive, Aerospace, Diving Equipments, Energy, Filtering, Chemical and Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Packaging fields. Innovation, efficiency and high-specialization are our main distinctive qualities. Our team is composed by aerospace engineers, ergonomists, idea creators and developers, who always keep up-to-date and look at the future with faith.

What is Joon’s history? JOON is a fresh web agency, based in London’s tech city. We work for clients in the fields of music, art, design and manufacture. JOON has lots of talented resources in the field of UX/UI, front and back end development for online projects. We have the skill to provide a solid , fast and reliable digital products for our clients in order to maximize their profit while streamline their procedures.
Why the partnership with Joon?
We have presented and introduced the new technologies for Technical Communication to our different customers and it came out, that they appreciated them indeed. So, after a thorough search, we realized that London was the ideal center with greater development in the digital sector in Europe. We focused on London and on Drupal as the ideal CMS platform for what we wanted to design.
Why the partnership with Faentia?
The partnership with Faentia was born because, although there are many digital agencies in London, we strongly believe that one side of the business is still overlooked by many of these companies: technical documentation for the manufacture industry can greatly benefit from the advance of the digital media. Therefore we collaborate with Faentia Consulting in order to provide us great technical documentation services, helping us in creating better digital products.
What are your common goals?
The partnership with Joon Ltd. allows us to be every time up-to-date with the Digital Technologies in order to satisfy our customers worldwide for the Technical Communication & Training needs
What are the common goals?
True progress makes the world a better place to live in. Our vision is for everybody to take advantage of this progress Thanks to Faentia Consulting we are able to produce digital tools in order to keep safe, secure and healthy all the engineers and workers from the production lines to the final product.Thanks to Faentia Consulting we might just be able to make this vision come true.
Where are the two companies distinct?
Faentia Consulting has a great experience on traditional Technical Contents Management: in 15 years we have managed thousands of Technical Documentation such as Service Manuals, Instruction Manuals, Spare Parts Catalogues, Maintenance Procedures etc. Thank to our staff of Ergonomists and UX/UI experts we have developed many Human Machine Interaction projects, Man-Machine Interface projects, Touch-screen panel documentation, User Experience and User Interface for Operator Panels and Software.
Where are the two companies distinct?
JOON’s background, although being the one of a young company, is built on the digital skills and expertise of the people working with us. We especially provide services that take advantage of the latest Open Source technologies ,such as Drupal, our beloved CMS of choice. These are the staples that makes us a relevant reality in the market either