basf-faentia-2 An Important Success for BASF Rome Site Safety Day 
5 Jul 2024
  Last Thursday, June 27th, we had an extraordinary day during the BASF Safety Day at the BASF Rome site. “Safety is in your Hands” was the event's slogan, aimed at raising…
basf-faentia SAFETY IS IN YOUR HANDS FAENTIA Safety Day for BASF Rome 27.6.24
20 Jun 2024
  We are very pleased to announce that on June 27th, FAENTIA will be at the BASF Italia S.p.A. site in Rome to bring to life the Safety Day ed. 2024 dedicated to Hands SafetySAFETY IS IN YOUR HANDS…
UKCA UKCA News Designated Standards Update
22 Feb 2024
  In January this year the British Department for Business and Trade published an update of its designated standards for The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 - the equivalent of the…
Faentia Consulting News Merry Christmas from Faentia Consulting
21 Dec 2023
    If you opened this email from your mobile phone, click this link to open the virtual greetings.
Low-fi e high-fi prototypes Principles of UX/UI Design in Industry
14 Dec 2023
Low-Fi e High-Fi Prototypes Having explored the significance of User Research and its implementation, the next step is the creation of prototypes for our interface. However, there is a tendency to…
Tips for a better user research in the industrial domain Principles of UX/UI Design in Industry
12 Dec 2023
Tips for a better User Research in the Industrial domain After delving into the distinctions between Quantitative and Qualitative methods of User Research in the Industrial domain, here some…
User Research Methods Principles of UX/UI Design in Industry
7 Dec 2023
User research methods Whether in B2C or B2B, "User Research" is a foundational element of the User-Centered Design (UCD) process. Initiating the coding of a system without it is akin to taking a shot…