Faentia Consulting present at  ADM_Aerospace and Defense Meeting  Sevilla 2021

Faentia Consulting ADM Seville 2021


European Aerospace Industry meets every two years in one of its strategic centres: Seville. Seville's Aerospace and Defense Meetings, now at its fifth edition, is nowadays considered one of the main events related to Aerospace business.

ADM, in fact, is not only a window for Aerospace Industry, but also a gathering place where to identify both new opportunities for collaboration and synergies with the main players in the business.

On May 26-27th, 2021, Faentia Consulting, together with ICE-ITA Italia Trade Agency, will be a guest at the event, bringing along its know-how, acquired during its twenty-year experience in the industrial sector. 


Since 2000, in fact, Faentia Consulting has been among the Italian leaders in Product Design and Safety, Ergonomics & Human Factors Engineering, Industry Innovation & Digital Transformation in the Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Energy and Manufacturing businesses. 


Over many years, working in close cooperation with our clients, we have had as our main goal that of creating value for the industrial ecosystem through design, implementation and delivery of Digital Services and Products, XR systems and Digital Twin; Seville represents an ideal event where to show our achievements. 


We will talk about:


U.MAN_ a web application for user manuals and technical contents' management. Designed and implemented starting from Open-Source CMF DRUPAL, it allows the view of both user manuals and technical contents via a web-style navigation.

Operating times' decrease, errors' reduction, translation costs' radical reduction, only to name a few of the advantages that U.MAN guarantees. 


S.MAN_ an application oriented towards customer care improvement, through a digital management. It allows a reduction of both times and costs related to customer support. 


V.TRA_our Video Training Digital Platform, which guarantees a complete training experience anywhere and anytime. 

Easily embeddable with Digital Twin technologies thanks to Mixed Reality Web Application; the User is guided step by step through the stages of training, via a solid and sustainable User experience. 


Digital Twin_our Digital Products' advanced level is based upon the introduction of Digital Twin technology, developed by Faentia Digital Ltd's R&D Division (our branch based in London). 

Digital Twin technology consists of building a 3D interactive model, variable and depending on the digital product in use. 

Usable with mobile devices and/or smart-glasses, a Digital Twin allows the User to:

  • Understand how an object works (e.g. Machinery, production line, manufacturing plant) thanks to the opportunity to access via simple actions: multimedia files, animations, technical drawing and diagrams, video and technical information, aiming to support the operator in developing a complete and deep technical know-how;
  • Interact with a large amount of data derived from its physical twin via IoT, Ai, Big Data, and ERP;
  • Predict the real product's behaviour thanks to algorithms, predictive maintenance softwares and tools. 


Thanks to new devices' improved abilities in translating human actions in interaction with the digital world, Digital Twin is nowadays the most innovative level of human-machine interaction. 


Being invited to take part to ADM Seville 2021 represents for us, on one side, a great opportunity to demonstrate how innovative technologies such as our platforms can be useful for the business' growth, and on the other side, a reason to be proud for how much Faentia has invested, developed and produced during its twenty-year old history. 


For any further information please write to: areacommerciale@faentia-consulting.com