The Tech-Docs Questionnaire Results are On-Line!

The Tech-Docs Questionnaire Results are On-Line!

In July The Research & Development and the Video-Manual Technical Documentation Business Units at Faentia Consulting have carried out a Research Project.

They had a double purpose:


  1. firstly to deepen our knowledge of IT development within companies 
  2.  to discover the future needs of more technologically advanced and interactive technical documentation. 

The summer heat did not discourage participation to our survey, on the contrary, feed-back was enthusiastic!

First of all, we would like to thank all the people who made our study possible, thanks to their participation.

The project, partly anticipated in the previous newsletter of July 5th, was carried out by emailing a questionnaire (two consecutive emails, the second of which was targeted and quantitative). The final percentage of answers was of 22% (a very high response in such kind of surveys). The final sample was numerically high and therefore representative to draw reliable conclusions.

The engagement undertaken by Faentia Consulting at the moment of sending the questionnaire, was to share all the results and we are now fulfilling our engagement.

The following link in fact will connect you directly to the presentation with analytical results. The presentation also goes back to the questionnaire's structure, analyzing the answers to all 12 questions. At the end of the presentation, you will find an analytical synthesis.



Tech-Docs Questionnaire Results



Thank you again for your time and have a good reading.