As for the 3 previous years, the 2013 has opened under the Diving brand and more precisely with the presence of Faentia Consulting at the Underwater Intervention in New Orleans, the international event that every year calls the most important brands of the professional diving world.

The Morial Convention Center is the exhibition center of New Orleans the biggest and most famous city of Louisiana (USA) and for three days, from January 15 to 17, it has hosted the long-awaited event, while outside the city was bracing itself for the New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and the Superbowl! The Annual Conference has started with the traditional welcome party, auspiciously: the exhibition’s fair web site reports that in 2012 more than 2,400 participants from over 35 countries hosted the event and offered a rich program of more than 110 workshops of leading companies from around the world. Of course we are all waiting to know the data of 2013, but let's focus on the event.


Faentia consulting: Underwater Intervention 2013


Kirby Morgan has been in the spotlight of the event maintaining its leading position and showcasing its great range of products. Even during this overseas exhibition, the brand Kirby Morgan has underlined the importance of the CE marking for the European market, highlighting the constant and growing expansion of its position in the worldwide market. In addition to products that characterize and make Kirby Morgan Ltd a worldwide leader, Kirby Morgan has showed also two diving helmet featured in the movie “Journey2” realised the last winter and this collaboration symbolize the idea that business and entertainment can go hand in hand!


Faentia Consulting: underwater Intervention


And while Kirby Morgan’s brand and products are well established in the underwater world, some new brands are emerging in the ROVs and AUVs systems underlining the desire to explore the seabed deeper. Cameras, software, videos have been present in greater quantities than in the past year and many exhibitors have presented technologies for an even better view of the underwater world. There is a need to venture further down, where light filters a little or no filters at all, and much of that world is still a hypothesis. Curiosity is maybe the engine behind the quest to explore the abysses and what they represent of unkonwn yet.


Certainly the passion is not the only spring that pushes the man into the unknown: we do not deny that the deep sea can be very profitable too! Another peak of interest has been the presence of Mr. Lorenzo Cervellin, President of ASSOSUB (www.assosub.net), ready at any time to answer our many questions and that is why, in addition to quoting him, we send to him our deeply gratitude. A warm greetings then to all our friends in the Underwater world with the best wishes to meet again next year in the city of Jazz.


Faentia Consulting: Underwater Intervention 2013