Faentia Consulting is reinforcing its presence in the medical world thanks to the elaboration of a new project, named by a newly-devised term: “Ergoscopy”

The Ergonomics Business Unit, in co-operation with the Research and Development Business Unit, have accepted the proposal to work on a Study on the Ergonomic Dangers, to which Operating Room workers are exposed, while performing flexible Endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgeries.


Such study will be carried out in co-operation with and thanks to the help of the Surgical Endoscopy Department of the Careggi Hospital of Florence. Its aim is to analyze working conditions within Operating Rooms and to discover ergonomic dangers through a systemic and global approach to the problem, so as required by Ergonomics. We wish to raise awareness on the fact that specific analyses are needed in order to see the problem globally, considering the working conditions of the full working team (surgeons, nurses, surgical technologists, radiologists, anesthetists) so as to optimize the performances of the whole system, and grant the well-being of all team members.


Our study will be presented and its main aspects will be elaborated further at the 19th International Convention of the EAES ( incorporating the 15th National Convention of the Italian Surgical Endoscopic Association (SICE –, which will be held in Turin from June 15th to 18th 2011.


Our aim is to sensitize both surgeons and the builders of complex systems in the surgical world to  ergonomic issues, in order for them to start designing ergonomically all surgical products such as laparoscopes,  endoscopes, trocars, clothes, operating rooms etc, therefore facilitating the improvement of the working and life conditions of the whole working team.