Faentia Digital presents V.TRA: Video Training Digital platform


The Digital Transformation to get a smarter Technical Communication

Faentia Digital's digital products U.Man, V.Tra and S.Man are the strategic response to Technical Communication's transformation in Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) for time, costs and failure's reduction.

Our software's modularity enables the use of:

  • technical specifications

  • procedures

  • general documents

  • audio

  • video

from any device, both online and offline, and the perfect integration of the latest AR/MR technologies. Everything towards a faster and more efficient communication.

V.TRA will especially enable you to:

  • Manage and customize Home page, contents, texts, images, audio and video files

  • Manage Multilingual

  • Mobile-friendly access

  • Archive and organize scheduled events

  • Search on internal Search Engine

  • Import contents/catalogues

  • Integrate 3rd Party Data

  • Blog / News / Comments

  • Run it on personal server and Intranet

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