Faentia Consulting and Wellness on IKEA Business!

Faentia Consulting and Wellness on IKEA Business!

When Ergonomics Dictates Wellness inside the Company.

Our work has taught us that human beings must always be at the center of systems. Why? To improve their quality of life. It is not just a case that our payoff reads “Passion for Life”: because for us life is passion. When the time came to design our new working environment, we decided to get inspiration from the basic principles of Ergonomics and we thought immediately of a solution that would make our working environment an actual “wellness corner”. This first project of ours reflects exactly what we had in mind: our need for ergonomics in our working environment, together with the awareness of colors and light which give our workstations the personal touch that we were looking for.





Our Furniture

An ethical company, leader in its field, must stand out both for its professional work and for the quality of its services and products, but also and most of all for the well-being of the people working there, who make it alive. Qualities such as creative energy, availability for customers and flexibility are key factors to maintain our working team's balanced efficiency. In order to achieve our business targets we must reduce all waste and loss of time. That is why we have chosen the flexibility and ergonomics of IKEA's furniture that is strictly connected with the young, dynamic, creative and international reality of our talented ergonomic experts and engineers. We have favored brightness by choosing natural wood, glass and light colors that create transparency and the right nuances. Our meeting room and the sales office do not even look like a working environment and a touch of real nature can be found practically everywhere. The living room has been enriched with soothing, naturally-colored panels in order to favor relaxation and conversation. The passage towards the more operative area is characterized by livelier colors that revive energy and concentration.


Ergonomics is Life

Well, yes! Ergonomics dictates the basic principles of real wellness within a company, be it a manufacturing company or a service providing company. The goal is to improve the atmosphere, the feeling of belonging and teamwork. But this is not all: beside improving comfort, the ergonomic analysis and design of workstations allows the company to lower direct and indirect costs. Such costs derive from the obstacles and difficulties that employees encounter during their daily working activities and, unfortunately, they are often quite high. It is therefore very important to create a certain awareness of the results that can be achieved in terms of increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism and reducing health costs, thanks to the improvement of the quality of life and motivation to work, which are nothing but the result of a balanced ergonomic analysis of the places where we work, because moving correctly and in harmony could become a metaphor of our working, sports or even emotional life paths.


We will close our newsletter with the words of the Latin Poet Juvenal :

"Mens sana in corpore sano" (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”)

(Satires, X, 356)


See you soon!

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