Faentia Consulting and JOON partnership strengthen!

 Faentia Consulting and JOON partnership strengthen!
JOON is the technological partner for Faentia Consulting growing and expanding digital experience and production. We've been involved in the creation and promotion of two new sites that show the solutions and products that will be available for Faentia Consulting and all its Customers.

We have created 4 digital products 
targeting the manufacturing industry.
Our products aim to guarantee a smooth transition toward Industry 4.0

  • V.Tra: Video Training Solution
  • U.Man: Digital User Manual
  • S.Man: Digital Service Manual
  • E.Com: B2B ECommerce Solution
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We have provided digital solutions
since our first days.

We are committed more than ever to deliver

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front End development
  • Drupal CMS building
  • IoT HTML5 Apps
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