diver system

Faentia Consulting's experience in the Diving world continues, with a specific division within the Product Safety Engineering and Tech Docs Business Units.


Five years have passed since the first Diving device, a Shallow-Water Diving System (max 50 meters' depth) with Surface Feeding was placed on Faentia Consulting's meeting room table between the general disbelief and curiosity.

Since then Faentia's technicians have come a long way, also thanks to the co-operation with the “Diver” that we had there with us, Lorenzo Cervellin – world famous diver.

The meeting was illuminating: on one side a company experienced in Product Safety Engineering, with technicians mostly from the aeronautic field, on the other a Diver with infinite experience and ready to let open-minded people grow.

dive experience

And since then, march 2006, many months went by before we were able to enter the Diving world temple: “Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc.

In the meantime a third team has become part of the group, the DNV Modulo Uno Notified Body from Turin (Today Eurofins Modulo Uno Spa) which has held an equally important position in the relation with Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc.

During our meeting in Florida (September 2006) at the Dive Lab Headquarters, none of the participants would have imagined what was going to happen: an Italian-American working group, expert in lab tests on devices built in compliance with European Regulations EN250 and EN15333-1.

Faentia Consulting, Eurofins Modulo Uno, Aquatica, Dive Lab Inc. and obviously KMDSI Inc. started carrying out tests, among regulation interpretation difficulties, testing methodology and the clash of different mentalities to approach technical regulations, i.e. the European and the American mentalities; more intricate and intellectual the former, more practical and simple the latter.

Our experiences have then grown with the approach to other projects, among which the creation of the Diving System with Surface Feeding  created by the VVFF (Firefighters) of Ravenna.



dive experience

Today, together with KMDSI we are facing other challenges, but most of all we are observing this fascinating world in order to see where we can leave our mark.

After the visits to Underwater Invention 2010 and 2011 of New Orleans (LA), two fields have attracted our attention, beside that of deep water diving helmets:

  • the world of ROV/AUV with particular reference to their command and control interface;
  • the world of Divers' technical information


We believe in fact that our experience in the interface and in the management of technical information, developed for the aerospace field, can be transferred to the diving world.

In the Newsletter of march 2011 we focussed our attention on the UAS/UAV for the aerospace field and on how enormously the interest on such technology has grown in the last twenty years; we are strongly convinced that also in the field of underwater ROV/AUVs, the interest and particularly the need for more usable and well-organized systems is growing.

As far as technical information, on the other hand, the R&D Business Unit of Faentia Consulting has been working for about a year now in order to develop Augmented Reality systems.

Said systems, that are used today mostly in the military field constitute a great help in case of difficult environments such as the underwater world.

The idea of giving Divers the chance of reading information, seeing videos or other, is really innovative and a synonym for the improvement of working and safety conditions.