We wish a peaceful Christmas to you and your family and a 2019 that we hope full of new goals and satisfactions... for everyone! Christmas 2018
20 Dec 2018
  An intense, busy and important year has finally come to an end, for all of us. All our Business Units have achieved good results, even excellent in some cases. From strengthening the…
Faentia Consulting News Machinery Ergonomic Design: how to design a machinery in compliance with the RESS 1.1.6 Ergonomics of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
29 May 2016
The requirements set out in section 1.1.6 refer to Ergonomics which can be defined as follows:   “Ergonomics (or the study of human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the…
Faentia Consulting News FAENTIA CONSULTING: P.S.E: BULLETIN #02-2016
18 May 2016
IMPORTANT NEWS - OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION             New directive Entry into force and application Directive repealed Official Journal of…
24 Jan 2016
We recall to all our Clients that during the year 2016, nr.4 important UE directives for the manufacturing market will entry into force.The new UE directives will be the following:   New…
Christmas Greetings 2015 Christmas Greetings
17 Dec 2015
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Content of the official partnership Joon Ltd and Faentia Consulting Srl 2015 Content of the official partnership Joon Ltd and Faentia Consulting Srl 2015
24 Jul 2015
This step marks the union of intents in the development and growth of business. Below you can read a brief description of what this partnership means for Joon Ltd and Faentia Consulting Srl. FAENTIA…
Faentia Consulting News PRODUCT SAFETY: What's new
29 Apr 2015
DIRECTIVE – 89/686/CE PPE    Reference to the EU Official Journal, C 445 dated 12/12/2014: New Standard Effective from Superseded Standard EN 250:2014…