REGULATION EN ISO 13849-1:2008

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Cessation of the Conformity Presumption of Regulation EN954-1:1996


We have now come to the end of the two years' extension allowed by the European Commission as per request of the ECS (European Committee of Standardization) for the application of regulation EN954-1:1996; the term will expire on 31st/12/2011.
After that date all the command systems' parts linked to machine safety operating in compliance with directive 2006/42/CE will have to conform to regulation EN13849-1:2008, as reported on the European Union Official Journal of 18th/11/2011, reference 2011/C 338/01. As already known in the last two transitional years the two regulations have been used in parallel, although their approach was substantially different.
One has to keep in mind that the new regulation has got a wider application field: the regulation specifies all safety requisites, including software design all the way to the validation of such system in the second part.

Let's all say goodbye to the old chart (see image below) of regulation EN954-1 on the possible choice of categories.


The new regulation defines the methodology to determine the PL (Performance Level, i.e. the quantitative measure of safety) requested for a command system, i.e how the system in itself is reliable and effective in its safety function (see image below).


Faentia Consulting's analysts are obviously ready to face such change and they will be at your disposal for all the necessary clarification and for any formal consultancy also via conference call.