Multimedia Technical Communication

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 We are delighted to introduce you to our digital solution for the Multimedial Technical Documentation !

The following 2 Demos have been developed by Faentia Consulting, and they will show how to take advantage of the latest digital technologies in the field of the Technical Documentation.

The user friendly navigation will help you in easily access the interactive content in order to gain an easier and more effective comprehension of the information.

Thanks to this applications you will be able to try a new experience in a field that historically has been usually “rigid”, even if fundamental, for the after-sales care, such as the Service Manual and the Training documentation.

Service Manual

Main advantages:

  1. Attention is particularly focused on the contens, which remain the cornerstone for the efficiency and compliance of the regulation of the product
  2. Quick search of the desired content;
  3. Ability to access the content anytime and everywhere, on-line and off-line on multiple devices such as PC, laptops, tablets and mobiles;
  4. User friendly navigation of videos, interactive images, technical drawings and text;
  5. Possibility to manage all the content through the admin area keeping track of all the changes
  6. Reduction of up to 15% of the construction costs;
  7. Significant reduction of written texts and reducing the cost of editing and translation;
  8. Reduction of the technical assistance needed to the final Customer;
  9. Reduction of Training.

These are nine good reasons to start using our Video Instruction & Video Training solutions. Enjoy your visit !