January 1st 2021 - From CE to UKCA



With United Kingdom leaving European Union, the CE marking will be partially replaced by the application of UKCA marking (UK Conformity Assessment). 

UKCA marking is the new trademark which will cover many of the products placed on United Kingdom’s market (England, Wales and Scotland) which previously had the CE marking applied upon. 

When and in which scenarios the UKCA marking shall be used

As indicated by Italian Trade Agency (www.ice.it), the new UKCA marking shall be applied since January 1st 2021, on the application of the following conditions:

  1. the product is intended for United Kingdom market;
  2. is covered by a legislation which requires the UKCA marking;

c) requires mandatory third-party conformity assessment, from an UKCA Approved Body;

d) conformity assessment has been carried out by a conformity assessment body (EU notified) in the United Kingdom, and files have not been transferred to a body recognised by EU before January 1st 2021


The goods entirely produced by the end of December 2020, ready to be placed on the market and already bearing the marking and the details by the certification body, can be sold in the United Kingdom with CE marking until the end of 2021, even if the marking had been previously released by an UK certification body EU notified. 


As for Northen Ireland, CE marking will still be required. Harmonised goods, bearing only the UKCA marking, will not be allowed within this market. Instead, as for importing products from Northern Ireland into the United Kingdom, UKCA marking will always be needed.

In case a products will need a certification by a notified body (at this stage, UK notified body), CE marking shall be combined with UK marking (NI). 


As for today, technical requirements, as well as evaluation processes and standards, used to demonstrate compliance and to obtain the UKCA marking, do not seem to differ from their correspondent ones required for the CE marking. 



  1. gas-powered household appliances
  2. low-voltage electrical equipment
  3. elevators
  4. nautical
  5. machinery
  6. measuring equipment
  7. non-automatic weighing instruments 
  8. personal protective equipment (PPE)
  9. pressure equipment
  10. radio equipment
  11. pleasure craft and personal watercraft
  12. simple pressure containers
  13. toys
  14. ATEX
  15. EMC Directive (electromagnetic compatibility)
  16. restrictions of hazardous substances
  17. external noise
  18. ecodesign
  19. aerosol


For further details regarding: Terms for UKCA marking entry into force, What will change for Notified Bodies,  Use and affixing of the UKCA marking, Application of special rules and special schemes, we suggest you to sign up to the Webinar: From CE to UKCA Operating Procedures, held by Italian Trade Agency, which will be hosted on Tuesday, November 24th at 11am. You can find the registration link clicking here. 

We also recommend you to read the document by Italian Trade Agency where you can also find any contacts for Brexit Help Desk, linked below: