Innovation and Industry: Ergonomics goes with the "spirit of the time"


On 7th October the headquarters of Faentia Consulting hosted a meeting for the renewal of the Presidency and Board of Directors of SIE (Società Italiana di Ergonomia), Emilia-Romagna branch.

As the outgoing President, Dr Cenni Paola opened the Assembly by describing the work done during the three-year period 2016 – 2019. 

It has been an intense time, with the goal - which characterized its operations and strategies - always being to adhere to the "spirit of the time". A time that requires Ergonomics to take a leading role in Innovation and Industry 4.0 with a view to establishing a new “man-machine-workforce interface”. 

Hence the effort to meet these needs by establishing partnerships between SIE and other bodies involved in ergonomic cognitive-psychosocial skills and technical-engineering skills.

Dr Cenni's introduction was followed by the election of the President and Board of Directors.

The outcome of the election was as follows:

· President: Miranda Giovanni (Manager of the Ergonomics and Human Factor Business Unit of Faentia Consulting)

· Board of Directors: Cavassi Giorgio (founder, CEO and Technical Director of Faentia Consulting), Epifani Loredana (Ecological Services), Fabbri Marco (Ecological Services), Leoni Chiara (Igeam), Placci Marco (free-lance professional) and Cenni Paola (outgoing President).

Dialogue, cohesiveness and openness were the watchwords used by Miranda Giovanni in his first speech as President. The new challenge for Ergonomics is to engage with scenarios, associations and institutions outside SIE, the industrial world first and foremost. 

The new President then continued with a presentation of the specific goals:

  • continuation of the partnerships established by Dr Cenni;

  • establishment of partnerships with other companies representative of skills complementary to ergonomics-related ones (e.g. in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality fields, a must for Industry 4.0);

  • given Emilia-Romagna's strong industrial vocation, strengthening of SIE's relationship with the Emilia-Romagna industrial community;

  • the organisation of events/training courses in the field of Ergonomics, giving new impetus to the Literacy Group.

The Assembly ended with an aperitif offered by Faentia-Consulting - the new headquarters of the Emilia-Romagna SIE branch - to wish the President and the new Board of Directors every success.