FIA2022_Farnborough International Airshow Digitalisation, Sustainability, Efficiency of Production Processes, now as never before!



Farnborough International Airshow2022 ( is the global platform for the Aerospace & Defence Industry and this year it has a particular meaning serving as the major event of the sector reconnecting business from around the world after three years and Faentia Consulting is proud to announce the participation together with ICE Agency (Italian Trade Agency), at FIA2022 from 18 to 22 July.

Since 2000 Faentia Consulting has been among the Italian leaders in Product Design and Safety, Ergonomics & Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Innovation & Digital Transformation in the Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Energy, and Manufacturing business.

Over many years, working in close cooperation with our Clients, we have had as our main goal of creating value for the industrial ecosystem through the design, implementation, and delivery of Digital Services and Products, XR systems, and Digital Twin and we are thrilled to bring all our know-how and expertise at FIA2022.

With a 2020-2021 production and delivery results of:

  • 378 Multimedia Video for companies such as GM e LEONARDO Aircraft
  • 11 U.MAN_User Manual Platforms for Industry
  • 8 S.MAN_Service Manual Platforms in DT & Predictive Maintenance Software R&D Projects
  • 10 V.TRA_Video Training Platforms for Industry

we will talk about:

Traditional  & Multimedia Technical Documents have an important role in accompanying the product in the go-to-market phase and Faentia Consulting is one of the Italian leaders in producing :

  • WCM Procedures
  • Multimedia instructions manuals of machinery, equipment, and products in general
  • Multimedia instructions for assembly of partly completed machinery
  • Multimedia service manuals complete with TPM
  • Multimedia service manuals for customer care and after-sale services for companies

Some of the benefits of a well-managed Multimedia Technical Communication are Cultural barriers breaking down, Information proximity, and dramatic Translation costs reduction.

_ the digital platform for User Manuals and technical contents management. Designed and implemented starting from Open-Source CMS DRUPAL, it allows the view of both User manuals and Technical Procedures via a web-style navigation.
Operating times' decrease, up to 50% errors' reduction, translation costs' radical reduction, only to name a few of the advantages that U.MAN guarantees. 

S.MAN_ the digital platform oriented to Customer Care improvement: developed in DRUPAL it is the digital platform for Customer Service & After Sales Support. 
It allows a reduction of 80% of “time to reply” to the Customer, a 48% Service costs reduction, and Customer Care empowerment.

V.TRA_the Video Training digital platform, which guarantees a complete training experience anywhere and anytime. 
Easily embeddable with Digital Twin technologies thanks to Mixed Reality Web Application; the User is guided step by step through the stages of training, via a solid and sustainable User Experience. Anywhere-Anytime Training, up to 30% of Training costs reduction, up to 50% of errors and re-work costs reduction. Are some of the appreciable benefits.

Digital Twin_our Digital Platforms’ advanced level is based upon the introduction of Digital Twin of Technical Documents technology, developed by Faentia Digital Ltd's R&D Division (our branch based in London). 
Technical Documents DT technology consists of building a 3D interactive model, variable and depending on the digital product in use, whose benefits are Information proximityTraining in immersive reality, and Innovative human-system interaction.

Being invited to take part in FAI2022 with the ICE-Italian Trade agency is a great opportunity to demonstrate how Innovative Technologies such as our Platforms can be useful for making the processes of the Aerospace and Defense Industry more efficient and sustainable.  
We are looking forward to meeting you at the Italian Pavillion, Hall 1 – Stand 1250.