FAENTIA Innovative SME: 2020 in the pursuit of innovation

Faentia Consulting PMI Innovativa

Since November 2019 Faentia Consulting has rightfully joined the circle of Innovative SME.

Such an evolution represents the confirmation of an enterpreneurial culture made of Engineering, Consultancy and Innovation in the field of Product Safety Engineering, Ergonomics – Human Factor Engineering, Technical Communication.

Faentia Consulting hence has always believed in and invested part of its resources in the study of new technologies and possible fields of application within its areas of expertise.

As proof of it, for instance, the study, design and development of the new Digital Products (V.Tra, U.Man, S.Man), created when comparing our main Clients' needs and the opportunities given by 4.0-IIoT's related contents.

Innovation, not only in products.

Our Research and Development Business Unit Ricerca, throughout the years, has developed several innovative projects in the Health field, such as RGMOne, for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, or project Ginny, a support software for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.

In addition to these, there are important ongoing investment in the development of new research projects seeing the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MR (Mixed Reality), affecting the Manufacturing and Aerospace industrial world.


A continuous thrive towards innovation, that, during 2020, will witness new investments in Research and Development, thanks to the opening towards new foreign partners and collaborations with the main Italian universities.

To always be one step ahead!