Faentia Digital rides the wave of technological opportunity.

Faentia Consulting News

Faentia Consulting splits into two with the launch of Faentia Digital, a strategic brand created to organise and develop our business' commitment in the digital field.

Faentia Digital represents both the natural synthesis and the destination of two convergent elements: on one hand, manufacturing industrial market's evolution towards some digitisation processes; on the other hand, Faentia's solid and already accomplished reality in the development of I4.0's themes. In fact, Faentia counts in its core Digital Products and Digitl Solutions properly responding to IioT (Industrial Internet of Things).

This adjustment path towards digitisation is dated few years back, in response to some of our clients' demands in the Automotive branch. Since then, in Faentia we have never stopped believing that that was the development route for business; nowadays, in the peak of IIoT era, we can say we were right.

Building on these assumptions, U.MAN (Digital User Manual), S.MAN (Digital Service Manual), V.TRA (Video Training Solution) and E-COM (B2B Ecommerce Solution), produced by Faentia Digital, place themselves in the ''Industrial WEB Applications'' scope; they have been restored in HTML code to be available to the user in the web browser through INTERNET networks (World Wide Web), business INTRANET (TCP/IP) and even off-line in the event of non-available networks.

Written in PHP, the digital products are based on platforms developed in DRUPAL, a CMS which makes them perfect for industrial development thanks to its features: extreme safety, flexibility and possibility to customize.

''Change'' is always a challenge in business, even more so when introducing digital in Technical Communication: it has to happen in a ''simple and sustainable'' way, primarily. That is the reason why Faentia Digital's Digital Products represent the best response to changing demands: they are ready to be available to users in a simple way and without impact on the costs; they allow time and error reduction both on the job and in the classroom, and they support Big Data collection, contributing to our firm's competitivness on the markets.

HTML vs. Pdf; Video, industrial Tablet and Smartphone vs. Paper; Big Data and Artificial Intelligence supporting strategic moves: the Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking place and Faentia is all in.