Faentia Consulting: 15th Company Anniversary

Faentia Consulting: 15th Company Anniversary

Dear Readers, 


this year Faentia Consulting is celebrating its first 15 years of business. We would like to share with You a letter composed by a poetess and writer, Rosarita Berardi, dedicated to us as a consideration regarding the sort of Company we had dreamt of building and how, even thanks to the relation with You, we managed to fulfill our ideal.


Thanks to You all from the bottom  of our hearths!


FAENTIA CONSULTING: BUILDING RAINBOWS has been their job for 15 years.

by Rosarita Berardi, poetess and writer.


FAENTIA CONSULTING researches harmony, balance and beauty as that is how its people learnt to work, that is how they will work for you...driven by boundless passion.


Some people observe the world in a disorganized way to establish if what they see could be worthy for memory, blame, note or attention. Then there are people who aim straight to the core of the problem, with a by far deeper and more trenchant gaze, gathering each essential coordinate in a short while. 


Sure, both will be judging, but the latter is by far the more praiseworthy judgement, since it is the judgement of Beauty. 


A well-done job is a nice job, harmonious, simple: quintessence of the information, prejudices, creative and innovative acts which have led to the final conclusion. 


Authentic knowledge is the result of theoretical studies, practical experience and creative flair which shape the terms with which one is approaching the future. 


It is possible to fulfill all this only if passion, efficiency and high qualification are given out profusely...  And colour, as creative people need rainbows to build. 


Fulfilling a dream means projecting oneself towards a better future. This ideal not only permeates the working environment, but also represents the legacy all of us would like to leave to the world, to our offspring. 


I am a poetess and a writer, it is hard for me to “give thought to technical terms”... The partnership established in the past few years between “Libera Accademia degli Evasi” and Faentia Consulting has greatly surprised me as the ground we both have sown is the one of creativity. It is a common ground for those who have chosen to believe in a business and develop it to achieve living improvement and preserve life's deepest values: no matter if we are talking about Art or business!



We have been brought together by the amazement in discovering and embracing new horizones and in learning – once again – the across-the-board matter of human mindset.


We have been touched by creative bonds, shared laughters, reliability and absolute competence which we have both given to each other. 


The crossroads where we have met is still a utopia within the Italian reality: a project where Art and business meet one another and in the very same still create new alchemies in order to improve the quality of our lives, always projecting it further up. 


“Quality” has to be intended not as a synonym of “more money” but “greater wealth”... Health, well-being, serenity, cheerfulness, research, experimentation and innovation... That means “quality”!


We have been walking together along the same road and the same project, aiming to the fulfillment of our dreams, in order to go far, beyond the next turn and achieve shared purposes and targets. 


On the occasion of Faentia Consulting's 15 years anniversary, let me share this inscription to my friends who shifted from a mere conception to a sturdy realisation:


abbiamo indossato questa dolce follia

nella amabile quiete di sapere

che esistono anime e fuochi dello stesso colore


Change is life and each change is prone to let us fly higher and higher.



Faentia Consulting's motto is: PASSION FOR WORK...PASSION FOR LIFE... That's why they build rainbows!