Clust-ER and High Technology Network

Faentia Consulting proudly announces its membership of the Clust-ER MECH Association (Mechatronics and Motors) and is excited to be able to contribute to the constant growth of Mechatronics in Romagna!

In 2017 the association is formed and the Clust-ER project is launched: Companies, innovative start-ups, research centres and laboratories of the High Technology Network join forces to strengthen research and innovation in Emilia-Romagna and to facilitate companies' access to European funding. There are seven associations in Emilia-Romagna set up to support and increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. The term "Cluster" refers to "organized aggregations of companies, universities, other public or private research institutions, other subjects also financiers active in the field of innovation, divided into several public-private aggregations, [...] suitable for contributing to the international and local competitiveness [...] "(MIUR Notice No. 257, art.1 §4).


The Clust-ERs represent different thematic areas: agri-food, building and construction, mechatronics and motors, the health and wellness industry, cultural and creative industries, service innovation and energy and sustainable development. In particular, the mechanics industry in Emilia-Romagna is renowned internationally for its excellence. It is divided into several sectors and includes players of global importance as well as numerous highly specialised medium and small companies, leaders in their respective niche markets. The sectors of Automotive, Machine Tools, Packaging, Medical and Hydraulics, for example, keep the name of our country visible on the world stage. Within this vast pool of skills and activities, there are two areas of particular excellence, which at the same time still have great potential for growth: Mechatronics and Motors.

It is in this regard that Faentia Consulting announces with great pride its membership of the Clust-ER Mechatronics and Motors Association in which Faentia Consulting’s Ergonomics - Human Factor Engineering and Research and Development business units are keenly interested.
We are excited to be able to contribute to the constant growth of Mechatronics in Romagna!