Christmas 2018

We wish a peaceful Christmas to you and your family and a 2019 that we hope full of new goals and satisfactions... for everyone!


An intense, busy and important year has finally come to an end, for all of us.

All our Business Units have achieved good results, even excellent in some cases. From strengthening the relationship with italian Aerospace Engineering and Automotive to international confirmation of our experience in Ergonomics - Human Factors, from entering the European Commission Machinery Directive up to the setting up - in record time - of the new Digital Branch, Faentia Digital.

We proudly may say that in every project we put people at the center of our attention, interaction with systems and the human relationships as we have learned this is the right direction, for us and for you.

And the direction is still the same, Passion for Life.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a 2019 full of new goals and satisfactions... for everyone!