20th EAES International Congress – Brussels

20° Congresso Internazionale EAES a Bruxelles

We are very proud to update you about the follow-up of the medical-surgery community’s interests in Ergonomics thanks to the technical-scientific approach of our working group.

The 20th International Congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), indeed, will be held in Brussels, from 20 to 23 June 2012.


Like last year in Turin also this year Faentia Consulting will be present at this important event: on this occasion we will present the results of a research entitled "Estimation of endoscopic procedures workload using NASA-TLX


The study represents a further step in the broader "Ergoscopy Project", aimed at the identifying through a systemic and comprehensive approach in defining the risks to which operators are exposed during endoscopy and laparoscopy. Our ultimate goal, as dictated by the ergonomics, is a global, multidisciplinary and participatory re-design of the operating rooms.


The project was launched and coordinated by Faentia Consulting’s Business Units Research&Development and Ergonomics; the Research Group includes surgeons and endoscopists from Careggi Hospital in Florence and Casentino Hospital, near Arezzo.