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The core of our work is focussing our strengths to guarantee your tranquillity and serenity


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Since 2000, Faentia Consulting is one of the Italian leaders in the field of Engineering and Design of product safety, Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering, Study and Design of Human-System Interaction.

Innovation, efficiency and high specialization, team work and close-knit cooperation with our Customers are the values that fuel and ensure solidity for our projects.

Our staff consists of Engineers, Ergonomists, Ux/Ui experts, Software Engineers, Web Designers and Researchers.

Together, we have turned systems improvement into a life philosophy: for us our work is Passion… Passion for Excellence and for Life.

Faentia Consulting: Giorgio Cavassi
Giorgio Cavassi Faentia Consulting Srl, Faentia Digital Ltd, Faentia Academy

Faentia Consulting S.r.l.’s Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Tecnica Manager, Certified European Ergonomist since 2012 In 2020, together with Faentia Consulting’s shareholders and Emanuele Borasio, he founded Faentia Digital Ltd, a digital Company aiming to add value to the business’ ecosystem by using digital products and solutions to expand its potential empowerment.

Faentia Consulting:: Roberta Nonni
Roberta Nonni Faentia Consulting Srl, Faentia Digital Ltd

Faentia Consulting S.r.l.’s Co-Founder & Co-CEO and Faentia Digital Ltd’s Director. Highly specialised in Business Management, HR and communication management and Public Relations, for over twenty years she has been in charge of Marketing and Business Development strategies for the Faentia group, on both national and international grounds. Since 2020, she has been leading the group’s expansion in the United Kingdom through Faentia Digital Ltd.

Faentia Consulting: Mario Casmiro
Mario CasmiroFaentia Consulting Srl

Co-Founder and head of Faentia Consulting’s Reaserch & Development Unit, he coordinates projects funded by B.U. R&D and Academy.

Faentia Consulting: Nicoletta Scarmagnani
Nicoletta ScarmagnaniFaentia Consulting Srl Business Unit Manager

Since 2010, she has been Faentia Consulting’s Head of Business Unit Tech-Docs. She manages and verifies the main projects’ implementation and delivery in Technical Communication.

Faentia Consulting: Claudio Barone
Claudio BaroneFaentia Consulting Srl, Faentia Academy

Product Safety Analyst, Product Directive Expert, ATEX and PED, member of Faentia Consulting’s B.U. R&D since 2017.

Faentia Consulting: Claudio Zanelli
Claudio ZanelliFaentia Academy, CZ Solution Management

Faentia Academy’s Business Model Designer, Industrial and Innovation Manager, he has a twenty-year experience in Business administration, both in national and international business contexts. Expert in organisations, culture and techniques of lifelong improvement Lean/Kaizen/WCM, Innovation, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, he is in charge of the group’s Academy’s B.U. development.

Faentia Consulting: Emanuele Borasio
Emanuele BorasioFaentia Digital Ltd

Faentia Digital Ltd’s CTO and Co.Founder, he has been in charge of innovation projects for over twenty years, in the field of industry and Industry 4.0. Author to various publications, since 2008 he has been focusing his work upon new technological approaches such as: Extended Reality, Advanced HMI, IIoT, Digital Twin, which have taken shape in 2014 and 2018 with the implementation of weAR and Museum-Mix projects, and Faentia Digital Ltd in 2020.


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